Pantload: 25 Years of Primetime Sports (2015)

1x60'  |   ENGLISH   |  Director: Dale Heslip

Bob McCown started Prime Time Sports in 1988, a show that built the foundation for Canada’s first all-sports radio station. It's hard to imagine that at one time sports talk on radio was limited to post-game call-in shows. That changed in 1988, when Primetime Sports hit the airwaves for the first time. Anchored by Bob McCown, the show forced sports talk into the mainstream and helped launch the genre of 24-hour sports talk radio stations in Canada. After 25 years, the show has had it's share of controversies, run-ins and bizarre moments, all led by the entertaining and polarizing McCown. Pantload: 25 Years of Prime Time Sports takes a closer look at “Canada’s most listened to sports talk presentation”.